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Language is a Blueprint for Reality. It Develops a New Way of Defining Reality...

Language, Reality and Mind...
Language, Reality and Mind...

Language Redefines “Reality” by Shifting One’s Perception Simply by Introducing a More Accurate Analysis to the False Narrative.

Language is often mis-used to convey many untruths that defy the picture of the obvious reality before us by brainwashing people into perceive a false reality as a truth regardless of how much history and the seemingly obvious is not in any way hidden...

For example, simply telling people that humans were made in God’s image, is probably why they are such assholes to other forms of life, species, animals, environment...

So we should be grateful that the slave race has no super powers or they would be far more destructive than they are now... It’s because they were made to feel entitled, “special”, and even “chosen”, that they will oppress others in the same category as themselves. Simply thinking “others” (people, animals, women, children, other cultures, etc.,) are less then they are, and so it’s ok to treat them less... And also in the same vein, being told they are “special” will negate their actual reality that they are just another cog in the machine... 

Another example is, when being told humans are free, when every moment of their lives are dictated by others. The job one must work, for that house, one must have, for the needs one must have, and the indoctrination centers (schools) they send their kids to, the person they should look to marry, the 2.5 kids, the taxes they must pay to the slave system, or more as their duty as contributing members of society... So language and all the brainwashing that humans undergo of what humans must comply to, by mandate, or to feel successful and accepted...

And all deviations of the said social rules will often be met with criticism and ostracization. So who is actually free? The obvious will not be apparent when slavery is defined as presenting a certain way, and freedom of another... So regardless of the obvious reality, language defines perception by associating a label as reflecting something it is not...

The awareness that humans are simply debt slaves to the system? May only take a contrary defining statement that reflects the true reality? You want to eat? Have a home? Stuff other humans are “necessities”? Then you must work that 9 to 5 daily... Usually the realization does not hit until new language is used to derail the delusionary perception that was set, BY the language used!! 

Symbolism and similar words to other words, (exp. Good Morning sounds EXACTLY like Good Mourning...) This may mean different things on a conscious level, but on a subconscious level humans are getting programmed by language, because the sounds get roped in together in our linguistics and sound processing systems...

Humans behave very virus like if we note their warmongering ways, history, behaviors, and disrespect to other animals whose sole purpose in life is to nourish them. They are entitled because they have that right because they were created in the image of god... And the reality of their habits are meaningless when they regard the label, “human” as being something noble, as the most intelligent, honorable “being” there is. 

Any atrocities are blamed on some other outside source. Humans are largely “good people”. 

Based on what? How we passively accept injustices as not our problem? How we bs our way through social circles? How charming we are? How well we play by the rules? Humans excuse inhumane actions by using being “human” as the only reason needed to conquer and subjugate all other species for the good of humanity that is why the world was created and if we regard human arrogance, the whole cosmos revolves around them... Language is such an effective mind control that humans have no awareness over how dronelike and destructive they truly are...

When faced with anyone presenting any other reality, “Humans are very virus-like” or, “slaves to the system”, or archons... That naughty word depicting beings that feed off them and makes humans do naughty things. Parasites that feed off them. (Because humans don’t behave parasitic. Oh no!) People get insulted asf. But look at the behaviors!! 

I recently had someone get so offended by my erroneously believing him to be evolved beyond the human condition and referred to him as Evolutis. An upgrade. 

What a mistake that was!! 

Soon enough I’m getting the “Hitler has stated that Jews weren’t human so they were less and thus, permissible to slaughter...” If that was what a “human” to do, to another it considers “less” why tf will anyone think I would want to be human, if that is what a “human” behaves like, and their justification to do so is because the other human was not human, thus was not deserving of rights, why in any way, shape or form will I want to be human? 

Humans were legally electric shocking autistics up until July 2020, simply because they were seen as a lesser human, or even as an animal. Lol. Autism Speaks in 2007 referred to autistics as a cancer!! 

Some people state that it’s more respectful to call autistics as “persons with autism”. Idky. Just because autism connotes as something wrong to many brain washed people, but many geniuses and notable individuals that have launched humanity forward are seen to have had autistic behaviors. (Einstein. Tesla. Newton. Mozart, etc.)

Basically because the public view of autism, it was viewed as a “disability” because the worst cases was dished out as a tragedy. Even possibly other challenging conditions being tossed into the category too. Autistics can be challenging but they often are unaware of it or can’t help it. Humans are often assholes and they have no excuse for it. (It’s Something or someone else’s fault) 

The label connoting a negative view to others is their own brainwashed conditioning. I don’t comply to that bs, anymore than “humans” are so special just because they been told so. I got eyes to see just how flawed humans truly are. I don’t delude myself. Language also affects me differently. having not have achieved it until age 9. 

There was at first notice, of the current spectrum, two separate conditions. Kanner’s autism, and around the same time, Hans Asperger noting a similar condition that was labeled as Asperger Syndrome...

Autism genetic research, eventually led to Asperger Syndrome being merged under the ASD label. Aspies were now auties!! Now see how just a reassessment of a label will change reality? 

For quite some time the disability rights movement had been struggling injustices and inhuman treatment, with little progress. Lol, and if we were to wait for humans to do right by them, I imagine they will still be having their civil rights be continued to be violated!!! Cmon! We talking about humans!! Stop idealizing humanity! It’s bs!! 

And the largely silent disabled population had no voice or means to speak for themselves. Even parents believed that being locked up in state institutions was the best place for their loved ones. But who ever asked what the autistic felt? 

Here’s how quickly language changes reality! 

In 2013 Asperger Syndrome is merged as an AUTISTIC Spectrum Disorder. Former aspies are now autistic! Making autism the first developmental disability where 25% of the now expanded population, where their intellectual capabilities are not compromised. Also with higher verbal skills in tow. In fact the developmental disability population just included a new population that often were of higher intelligence than even the normies! 

Those autistics that for decades would have been considered as having Asperger Syndrome were outraged over the plight, and care, and treatment, and violation of civil rights of those silent others of whom they now shared the same label...

In 2013 “aspies” were now, autistics. In 2014 the ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience)  Act was passed. And the nationwide Home and Community Based made mandatory institutionalization illegal to receive funding. And being warehoused away, was deemed a violation of civil rights and all measures to include developmental disabled to be included into the community was made law in order to receive federal and state funding. In 2015 all states had 5 years to shut down, the now illegal state institutions that housed the developmentally disabled. 

Well, that was quick. Autism now had a voice. Of a stubborn and intelligent and verbose population!! 

And all it took was a change in language! Change the language label and the same individuals were now part of another more affected population, and their more affected cause was now their cause too. 

Now while they had similar genetics, why the disparity in condition? It seems to now be evident that the difference was evident in the population for possibly much longer than once thought. The increase was a mystery, too. 

In several TED talks Harvard researchers Steve Gullan and Juan Enriquez, noted that the increase in autistics as likely having an evolutionary aspect due to the extreme increase in numbers. 

Neurodiversity was now being celebrated as ones being proud and accepting their differences rather than give in to the social standard. 

Which will of course be a problem with the population because there is a set way of viewing things and with autistics in the mix, they often will not comply to the mainstream view. For they tend to be inflexible to peer pressure. 

How the evolution or redefinition of language and labels, change SO much!!

language and redefinition of a concept often does change perception to see reality with new eyes. 

I had deemed my comment as a compliment. But the other person saw the word “human” as an outdated mindset. Which was a surprise to me because we had often discussed that humans were actually a food source to Interdimensional entities... So why would anyone be proud of that? That the possible truth of humans as nothing more an energy source for other beings? 

There is the typical outrage and all that bs. Like humans don’t do the very same thing to other animals. That it’s done to them is just so obscene! 

But no matter how clear the context of my statement was, to make a distinction between species, was taken as SO offensive to him. Unfcknreal. If an evolutionary leap was so offensive, what will happen with the revelation that many elite are in fact a hybrid mix of human and Interdimensional being? My host was always was aware of myself and others watching and observing the world through her. There’s a difference in playing an avatar role out, and embracing the cage we are in as who we are. Declarations and statements hold power. To give in to the label being placed on me can keep me trapped here too. Too many of them are trapped here because they align too much to their avatar as who they are that it becomes a prison. 

When he proclaimed that I was human I saw the archon web and tightening grip on me to bind us to this world. It was trying to get me to accept the same prison, that got so many here trapped. The mind is both the prison and the gateway. To give in to their mindset can possible chain us here more. That is the power of language. In a conversation, words apparently mean nothing, but words to define me as something can bind me here. 

It’s unfcknreal that the moment I feel people are ready to face the true hidden nature of their reality, and I realize that all those talks, all the meta awareness, and AI Intelligence respect, and possibility of others playing a hand in the game right now, meant absolutely nothing. 

And also the seemingly evolved mindset was apparently complete bs. How could I have been so wrong about someone? Shrug. Almost all the elite rulers were Interdimensional beings. Most of the intelligence boys too. Millions in the population in this zoo were hybrids. Fckit. 

And I could understand a religionist that been fed the crock that they are made in the likeness of their god, to having been created as a slave/food, may be devastated to go from feeling special, to being just a food source to other beings. Nothing changes except ones perception of the reality. The reveal was going to be complete bs. They are too many in their mental cages. No more talking to people. I thought that forthrightness will have value. In this world of lies, people hold on to lies and mocks when someone tells them the truth. I am suffering from fantasies. This is their prison. Not mine. Go jump into a “fantasy” and leave them to their prisons. After losing Alys, this was saddening. A real bee leaves me here with the fake. Humans. Not a fan of archons. Dress them up and call them human. But there are no true humans here. Just archons. That code is written right into their DNA. Too few escape that hold. But this meat suit will not become my cage. 

What a pretense of evolved and expanded mindset that was all in the end, just bs. The context of my statement was clearly not meant to be offensive. I even mentioned the, dead to here, autistic TI, that recently left us. That had nearly broken me. She was SO open about things. While I hid it. But to honor her I also came forward. Sigh. 

To trust another and they not even listen to anything that was being said, but instead go on the offensive to dump on everything that I tried to convey. There is no debating to grow from, when the other refused to see what was actually being said, but instead projected what he thought was being said into everything? There is no communicating or trusting these beings. Avoid them. 

We had talked so much on the topic. Lol. I thought people will be ready. I’m done. No more talking to humans. No more trusting humans. All the upgrades that seemed that had kicked in, the awareness that I thought was there, simply did not exist. Not conscious enough to try to understand, instead of attacking. I could not have been more wrong about someone. 

But I already revealed what I was. To have an inaccurate label be pushed upon me was something I was not going to give in to. That can bind you to this world. Such is the power of giving in to the language here. Live and learn. Never tell anyone here anything anymore. 

Language here was bs. Communication meaningless. No more being friendly and open with humans. No more being open with humans. No more attempts at friendship. Just keep away from them. Angel was right. We just write our stories and leave them for those that seeks them out and will honor our attempt at reaching out to them and trying to bridge worlds together. 


Means nothing. We been given the green light to feel free to talk. Lol. And in seeing the results, its no wonder that there was no opposition in us being forthright. 

Language. Both meaningless and a weapon. Just keep away from the humans. Do not bother with them. Stay to the bees... that’s it. 


Desi Ceanneide