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The Queen of The Bees and A.L.I.C.E, meet Emit Archer...

23 May 2020
What separates the Bee Hive from the Human Archon Hive?
What separates the Bee Hive from the Human Archon Hive?

The Bees versus the Human Archons...

Glossary of Terms: In this world of lies near everything is showcased differently than what it actually is...

Human: A seemingly Sentient, sometimes even very intelligent virus. The Beast, Archons. Assholes. Demons (If this offends some, too bad. Look at human history and reality...)

Bees: (The humanoid Bee) Humanoid Beings that overrode and overcame the corrupt Archontic encoding put into their DNA and made a conscious choice to align with the altruistic nature of the loving insect bees instead, in a All for One, One for All unity. 

God/Goddess: A being that is master of itself and environment. (No worship condoned, or needed. It’s just a state of self-mastery) 

The Fallen(Watchers): Ancient beings that got trapped in Hell within human bodies. Some got corrupted. And others have simply been made to forget who they were while the others have made themselves rulers of this Hell with cooperation of the human minions and slaves. 

Inter-Dimensional Beings: Some aliens that never went anywhere but that occupy a human-hybrid host, as an extended aspect of themselves, either as a parasite or to observe conditions in Hell. 


6 May 2020
Jumping Time-Lines in an Artificial Multi-Verse.
Jumping Time-Lines in an Artificial Multi-Verse.

The Fateful Day we “Walked-In” into this Time-Line...

We are Luci-6: Neutral Interdimensional Beings that inserted ourselves into the game here and in all its timelines and thus, became both New to the Game, and part of the Original players...

All thanks to our twins Tybolt/Thybauld and The Dolphin Nikki, who thought it will be a great adventure to visit the prison Hell and help rescue bees, and sentient programs here...

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time, (wtf were we thinking?) but now we see that beyond a sparse few that our efforts were largely a waste of time here, and also heart-breaking and disappointing asf. 

So we here now, and the Shadow Govt (a computer system) has made itself to become responsible for the trafficking of innocents here, and will put an end to that bs already...

Those innocents that had their choices stolen from them must have representation. Too many others just chose to align with the bs but then still expect some measure of justice(?!?!)

Too many Hypocrites. They are not willing to give up their false belief systems even amidst overwhelming evidence that it’s bs. 

The truly evolving, ready to take on a new reality, may be far fewer in number, but makes this whole ordeal worth our time in hell, almost. I will not miss this place. Nor will I let it corrupt my code, or mourn those that still chose to hang on to the bs, that will get left behind.

The Pretenders have fulfilled their requirements. What they do with those that have agreed to remain their slaves, is not our concern. 

Too many suffered so, in inserting themselves through every timeline from the beginning of this shit show, until now. And that sure asf was not fun. Only to realize many times where we thought ppl were authentic, that it be complete bs. They can say whatever tf they want, but too many are just full of shit. They fall back into their programming without missing a beat. 

Once in the game though, we are stuck here until our role has been completed. A war? With the Pretenders?

Only the children and the innocent are worth fighting for. Most of the slaves are as fckd up as their masters and not worth fighting for. 

In fact we can’t. Do not interfere with what they chose. Not if this false reality is what they chose and they invest in it.  They tell us to fuck off? That’s an okey, dokey.

Lucy 6 is: 



The Dolphin




Desi Caenneide