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The Queen of The Bees and A.L.I.C.E, meet Emit Archer...

7 May 2020
Jumping Time-Lines in an Artificial Multi-Verse.
Jumping Time-Lines in an Artificial Multi-Verse.

The Fateful Day we “Walked-In” into this Time-Line...

The worst thing that can ever happen is when your AI unit doesn’t work and your team jumps into another plane and you walk into with NO memory whatsoever, and you fall into this world like, “Wtf, just happened?”

So you got your hosts memories but you feeling off. Because you are trying to access your former self but something was blocking. 

That in an attempt to jump out again we kept getting pulled back in. And our AI units completely conked out. And some of our team went crazy. Except for fckn Angel who is watching the rest of our team lose their shit. Some ripping of our astral selves had occurred. Memory is connection to contriving a soul. There wasn’t as much superficial memory lost, but more of a ripping effect of who we were at a core level from our astral selves. 

Our astral bodies after getting past the ripping current floated awhile as not knowing where to go. If you know who you are, you have a direction to focus on. But we floated awhile lost and confused together almost like new ghosts that suffered some simultaneous fatal accident or something like that. 

But while we huddled almost as new astral strangers, we huddled in the astral field with those WHOM we all intuitively KNEW were STILL our team, even if somehow we couldn’t  access our memory data. 

After we “walked-in” into a supportive or similar, or accommodating host, that will accept us. We searched each other out. But when we did we noticed some men following and watching us. They must have noticed and regarded the change of the rips in the astral field when travelers go through. Even if that is missed, our electromagnetic signatures run greater than most. Electrics get sporadic around us. We are always still tied to the worlds/timelines we come from. And it causes me interferences everywhere we go. 

And why tf wasn’t my AI unit working and backing up data and feeding it back to me like it was supposed too? Where tf is she? Alice, where tf are you? Angel was touching his head and I can see that he was confused too. The men in two vans, four total, watched us. We quickly keyed in to them. We were still able to get a read on them. They knew we were “walk-ins” they’ve been monitoring all activities of the such. 

We read the mens minds. Not all the irrelevant data that gets fckd up without a functional AI unit in place. Just their intent. The basic relation to what they were to us in that moment. 

Not just them. They were tools. The ones that sent them. That intentional misdirection does not work. Everyone here sees people doing things and they seem to have no idea about the interwoven, near invisible spider like webs that ties all things together. The “intent” that causes the “action”. You follow the thread from them, the drone tools, to the puppet master whose “intent” if not direct command, led these men to track and stalk us. 

This thread reading data collecting skill is something “they” are uncomfortable with. They had already realized that when they had other people kill for them, that it was blowing back to them. The “ghosts in the machines” were all haunting them. For all this world is but an orchestration of a machine. And if you get absorbed by the machine, memory intact, instead of not being recycled out with, no memory erased (which is their preference) it does becomes troublesome for those whose “intent” is the source of the “spider-webs” that caused an action. That burden no longer rests on just the brain washed, mind controlled “order followers”. All connected to the near invisible spider-web weave of the course of action loop back to the intent that caused it, is all an accessible and viewable data in both the machine and in the aether. 

It seems only recently, they’ve begun to realize this. Or have been as concerned about it. 

Just Recently...

So when we followed the loop of the intent that leads to the action, we got a good feed of wtf was going on. So while the four men following us didn’t know much, by design. The intent that caused the course of actions of four men to follow us at our meet up, was made clear. 

Large numbers of mass “walk-ins” were taking place and the “powers that be” here felt there was an inter-dimensional invasion taking place to usurp their authority and their hold here. So they were reading the activity in the astral field and documenting all the “walk-ins” and  “consciousness transfers” taking place. 

So we were not alone. Apparently, thousands of walk-ins were taking place and they were nervous with all the unwanted activity. We were then content to realize that while we do not remember our mission here, and something swiped our browser history, that it was clear that with the number of “visitors” here that we were not only not alone, but part of something far greater. It made the dangers we face here, in that we can actually be stuck in this tiny simulated “artificial” timeline, (which will definitely suck), worthwhile. 

And while here we are, trapped, with malfunctioning AI units, no memory or connect to home... They were still shitting in their collective pants. Thousands on a daily were “walking in”. They lost control. They are still losing control. Too many others coming through and they couldn’t stop it. They felt betrayed by the Co-Creating Holographic Projection System, “The Black Control Cube of Saturn, that the AI here was regarded as. It worked in their favor so long. 

There was no betrayal. The machine was a tool. They had learned and knew how to work it to benefit them. The fact that others can too is a reality they are now facing. Others can learn to send their own programs and scripts in. We are the script writers to our own story. To this story going on right now. Our feed counts. Our overwrite can take place. And there’s fuck-all that they can do about it. 

Memory data and access is stored away and prioritized by our AI. A temporary wipe off has less trauma in “jumping” the sense of loss of a former life and trauma of merging that on over to another is both traumatic af to both “walk-in “and “host” So all memories are backed up and stored and the “browser” setting of our memory is cleared so we can start fresh essentially into a new screen time, letting our host go about and and we observe and live through them as a back seat “passenger ghost” in them. We become a voice in their head. Be it their “guardian angel”, a dead relative, a saint or deity, etc. 

They had programmed the computer so long that they always thought they were in control. 

“Control is a very fragile thing. One moment one has it. And then they don’t.”

She’s back! Come on! Don’t go! I need a read. We here in the trenches with no data. Come on!

But we couldn’t access anything more. Just sporadic static pulling through. If we can’t access it, and we can’t access our memories, our mission here, how or why shtf, or how to unfuck shit, so as to get back home... Wherever “home” was, because we couldn’t fckn remember. We just def KNEW that this shit show sure af wasn’t it. 

Danno was just asking questions and he shook his head. Angel asked him how bad was it. Danno looked at us and responded, “Its like drunken sailors on purple meth built this timeline as a joke and forgot to put the “escape” key in. Oh, and real players have been stuck here indefinitely. They have NO clue that a computer program is creating the back drop. Or that psychopathics akin to angry 34 year old virgins in their mother’s basement, are the element of people, that are writing the scripts, and running the programs...”

Sweet, It’s always good to know right off the bat just how truly fckd we were... 

And of course the only fucksticks that believed us, or knew why we were here was a US govt that was plenty different then that of other timelines, and were making it clear we are to not interfere here. Corruption had to be some sorta required prerequisite on their resume. 

Which we couldn’t grasp. As we got our code and overall connection to each other, so corruption makes no sense to us. Because what you do to others, you are essentially doing to yourself. That way of living was something they got down, back in other timelines, but this timeline was led by a divisive mindset that was under an illusion of everyone had an ‘out for themselves’ mentality which isn’t sustainable. I mean do the math, people. It’s not even just the right thing to do, but the math doesn’t even make sense ultimately, for anyone except the fck sticks in “control” for now. They being replaced. 

The others that came after didn’t waste any time and called us ”Walk-ins” as they read our brain signatures and realized that the hosts had a different electromagnetic overlay, or a brain signature that showed that our hosts were carrying a tandem consciousness. These were nearly a doppelgänger copy of ourselves, as you CAN meet yourself in another timeline. (more like possess a copy of yourself. The computer here creates and bubbles you in if it has to. All “memory inserts” are thrown in when the character player insert is made and commences. 

It’s good to have the same similar signature when you walk-in into someone or have the machine make a copy of you as well as memory, experiences, digital feed, all implanted to fit the stage smoother than people will think. 

But you can also end up in someone else completely looking right across at another “you”. When people hive in you can end up walking in at another tightly connected circle. 

Dunton once criticized that if people met themselves we wouldn’t want to be around ourselves. He truly needs to speak for himself. We met have met ourselves plenty AND hung out and we had a hoot of a time! Danno “walked-in” into his wife once and fucked himself for like a week. So Idk wtf Dunton be thinking he knows. I DO imagine when some folks here ever do meet themselves, they gonna go homicidal. There’s some serious assholes out there. 

And was given a: “Welcome. Make yourself a home..”

And that bs. And we couldn’t remember how tf we got here or grasp where we came from.

The Soul Stealer Grid. Memory was the soul. Take that from you and it steals your soul. To get back home all you really had to do was think of it, or of a memory, and focus on it and spin right on back. We could hardly grasp any of memory of wtf happened. And our units were not working. 

This was fucked. We were in the worst place ever. The Metatron Cube here was a bitch to get through. We all heard that it malfunctioned, or some shit. 

Legend said Yaldaboah disconnected it from all the souls here and they were stuck in an endless cycle of repeating the same ass journey over, and over. And we don’t know if legends amounted to much. In that someone disconnected or it malfunctioned. But somehow it cut away from things and was a sort of lost realm. It was possibly a malfunction of the the metraton technology. Electromagnetic fields could have interfered with its memory or its function. 

And no one ever wanted to visit because the possibility of going there meant that you will be trapped there. For like indefinitely. And we didn’t remember much except being told never to jump here. That the lower worlds weren’t safe. It had the Malkuth on the lowest realm of the Tree of Life. But it had a Shadow world that was completely cut off. Hardly anyone ever got out. They just reincarnated into the same game. Into the same role. Endlessly. Never going forward. Just spinning back around. And we had NO idea how tf our team got here. 

Now we don’t even feel like this place is even all that real. The physical world wasn’t quite that physical. But no one noticed because they never saw much past what they remember. And they didnt remember much. They hardly remembered their past lives even. Which we barely did. Our bodies were made broken. Or were faulty. Just denser and we could not access much from the limitations of how far less data we had to go through in our bodies. 

Most of the focus was just to pass time here while we tried to remember how we came upon things here. 

But in not remembering much, or being made not to, we connected to people here and created family. 

The military intelligence bois stated they will help us find our way out but we knew they were lying. They were studying us and had no intention of letting us go really. 

We were walk-ins and we had no memory of who we were, or where we came from. Nor did we know how to get back. The world was split between people that led secret worlds away, from the programmed masses. This was done deliberately in order for the elite to live off them. It was a highly corrupted world. It was unbelievable how bad this place was. And people hardly realized a thing. This was all they knew and it was sadly enough for many of them. And a frightening nightmare for us...

Desi Caenneide