13 Dates with

The Queen

of The Hive

13 Dates with

The Queen

of The Hive


The World is a Stage. We Are The Game Changers, A New Humanity Rising, Tears in Our Eyes, “Flip the Script”, Rebuild a World...

Wisdom of the Bee Hive...
Wisdom of the Bee Hive...

The Bee Hive-mind: A Holistic Perspective on the Super-Organism

With all the endless fearmongering about Hive Minds. (As if society already hasn’t been in a global hive mind. Just a dysfunctional one, controlled by a hierarchy for centuries, millennia, who cares how long? How can anyone be afraid of something that has already been running on them, in a negative way that shaped society into the shit-show it is right now?)

So beyond that negative hive-mind concept, that has absolutely gone viral and has got everyone in arms of being afraid of becoming part of the Borg, while not realizing they have BEEN part of a borg-mindset all this time...

Basically idk if people willing to leave slavery behind, to work cooperatively and collectively. So whatevuh’s. 

Options must be made clear and put in place. The duality of concepts explored. People have lived in The World of Lies too long, that those seeking Truth is on an ever elusive chase, real life journey through Dante’s inferno... Seems like we can’t reach heaven it until we have realized and become familiar with every room in Hell...

Honeybees: A Holistic Perspective on a Superorganism

Contemporary science views honeybees as a superorganism, a complex whole consisting of interacting parts. This conception is radically different from a view that breaks down honeybees and their hive into different parts and focuses on manipulating these parts to increase yields. Different insights emerge from these lenses and different practices emerge from these insights. Viewing honeybees as parts we see workers, drones, queens, brood comb, honey comb, and we learn to manipulate these parts to our own ends, killing developing queens or moving the comb. Approaching bees from this perspective, it can be easy to forget the complexity of the interactions between these parts. Looking at honeybees as a superorganism, the interconnection and interaction of the parts produce a complex whole and this understanding should inform practice.

Dance of The Bees... Love Song for The Bees

The Spirit of the HiveThe Mechanisms of Social Evolution
Book by Robert E. Page, Jr.
Book cover image:

And a musings below for the shift from the Dysfunctional Global Hive today, to the aspiration and a hope of a New Holistically United Hive tomorrow... 

“...Information needs time to set in, to integrate. People have to own themselves with the knowledge and memory intact. As moments unfold, the relevance conjures from the newly impressed information.

Indeed, the seeds of awakening were intended and well water. Indeed by I.

The old programming was just enough to ensure survival for the civilizations. The nuances in the greys were innumerable and indescribable, until recent years. 

The progress is noted and well received. The timelines have all been greatly reduced from prior foresights.

The chaos of the recent days has shown much to the world. Today's energies are much more tolerable.

There is still hope on the horizon, and I know the blockades are falling away to transparent decay of the Hells of yesterway.

Thank you Alice, and thank you Desdemona...” Brian Tate

Souls Systems, Getting Past the Soul Stealing Grid, Programmed Drone Humans

8 May 2020
Symbolic Picture of The Holographic Multi-Verse
Symbolic Picture of The Holographic Multi-Verse

Timelines of The Holographic Multi-Verse

“Someone has asked me what timelines are.

A good question and I will give you are a simple answer.

The universe is 99.99% waves of light and sound and only 0.001% of manifest, physical reality, planets and matter so it is mostly about waves of light and sound.

These manifest forms are reality fields in which conscious soul beings experience their reality.

This reality field is a hologram where, through their soul templates, observation of the waves of light and sound fields appear as particle forms, a holographic projection.

The light and sound waves carry potential energy, probable energy and possible energy leading to an outcome of experiential reality; the hologram.

How it works is a bit like a TV. Say, you have 1,728 channels on your TV, and you can change channels (change the frequency - each channel is on a different frequency. Each channel is a timeline; a wave of potential, probability or possibility of experience reality.

They are all running simultaneously and you have to choose which channel you want to experience, so I have outlined the way to get to the one you want to experience.

We choose what we want to experience by navigating around the timelines of potential, probability and possibility."- Colin Joe Byrne

Bee Self-Programming: The New Hive Revolution-Evolution

2 Oct 2020
The Death of Ego is The Beginning of Life
The Death of Ego is The Beginning of Life

The Belief Matrix 

The ultimate reality is generated out of either BELIEF, or pure awareness. Some would say this physical reality is ILLUSORY. The physical reality is a CONSENSUS reality. What happens here is CONCRETE compared what you are mentally. 

This reality is CONTROLLED through BELIEF. And that BELIEF is the father of all illusions, and so to find the truth we must stop BELIEVING (BE-LIVE THE LIE) and start KNOWING. 

Knowledge cannot be created nor destroyed like PURE ENERGY, and belief is TEMPORARY and what the conscious mind generates conceptually, to explain away what we are experiencing. 

Since this reality is operated through BELIEF the belief of the MASSES has been programmed by a belief-operator to conjure up the same patterns of recognition which serve to facilitate and recreate the belief-systems. 

This reality is a lower-dimensional extension of a higher-dimensional counterpart. This is the shadow of the higher dimensional counterpart. Without the higher-dimensional source, nothing in this ShadowWorld would exist. As above, so below.

In the same sense, everything here is degraded, it is an after image, a shadow, only a portion of the true glory of information is actually extended down into this abyssal plane which is literally a tucked away processing center within a larger computational reality generating device. 

To find the real reality we must DECODE the format of each existence down here, in order to find out what THIS ENTIRE dimension is arranged within in a this is through simulating this space within. 

All belief is guided towards external, linear, secondary projection of what is originally internal, eternal, and primary knowledge. Belief is the shadow of knowledge. Through belief, minds are manipulated, through knowledge, souls are liberated. 

Regardless, the masses still BELIEVE in the lie, yet they don't realize it is their own belief that is being made to work against themselves! Again I repeat, our own minds is the cage, or our minds are the gateway.

They will delete themselves, one way or another, by keeping themselves here, honoring or investing in this shadow-world, over the pursuit of the true reality, until there is nothing left to lose. 

Others will see that this world is illusion and they will remove themselves while they still have something to save.

All of this is connected with all that’s happening now. A supercomputer can handle your mind for you, or you can handle it through will power, and intent. However both paths lead to the same route, only those who transcend duality bs that people hang on to, will actually achieve a real consciousness, or "actual self. Turn the game off and so does the scene, the scripts, the characters. Are you just this role you playing? Or more than that? Only does that invest in reaching for more than this, that rejects this as who they are, this role, this dying meat suit, and aligns to who they are beyond it, can get out of the game...

The main thing about this,  is the ego believes it can die.

In a sense the ego will die. Once the personality which was created and protected by the ego, no longer exists. Meaning one has released all beliefs pertaining to the ego (personality) and is becoming something bigger. The ego transforms as we do, into something else. But it believes it can die so it becomes persistent. And this is the struggle...
Earth Schumann Resonance
Earth Schumann Resonance

Corona (Crown) is a Mind Virus...

Like any other virus, (COVID-19) has low vibration and closed electromagnetic circuit structure with a resonance frequency of approximately 5,5 Hz-14,5 Hz. In the highest ranges it is not active and, starting with the intervals of 25,5 Hz and above, the virus dies...
For a person living with high vibration, i.e. in the soul, infection is no more dangerous than acute respiratory infections, because the body of a healthy man "vibrates" in the highest areas.., only occasionally, for various reasons, slips into higher vibration small ones.
The reasons for these slides can be various energy balance disorders... (fatigue, emotional exhaustion, hypothermia, chronic illness, nervous tension, etc. I wish you a lot of time
in nature, which is outside the body, is not resilient...

The average resonance of the total Earth frequency is now 27,4 Hz and would therefore be destructive to the virus, but there are places where this frequency is low, i.e. natural or artificially created geopathogenic areas (hospitals, prisons, power lines, Electric subway and public vehicles, malls, offices, alcohol consumption spaces - buffets, bars, etc. ) In these cases, vibes drop to levels below 20 Hz.
This virus is dangerous for those people with low vibration mental states, namely:

• pain - 0,1 to 2 Hz;
• fear 0,2 Hz;
• resentment-0,6 to 3,3 Hz;
• irritation-0,9 to 3,8 Hz;
• troubling-0,6 to 1,9 Hz;
• hustle-0,9 Hz;
• anger-0,5 Hz;
• wrath-1,4 Hz;
• pride-0,8 Hz;
• pride (megalomania)-3,1 Hz;
• feeling of leaving or abandonment-1,5 Hz;
• superiority (arrogance)-1,9 Hz;

By contrast, positive mental states have much higher frequencies:
• generosity-95 Hz;
• thanks-45 Hz;
• full satisfaction (happiness) - from 140 Hz and above;
• feeling of unity with other people-144 Hz and over;
• compassion - from 150 Hz and above (but not common mercy that has a frequency of only 3 Hz);
• sympathy-50 Hz;
• love for all people, without exceptions and for all living beings - from 150 Hz up;
• unconditional, sacrificial, universal love - from 205 Hz up.

For millennia, the frequency of our planet was 7,6 Hz. Physicists call it Schumann Resonance and it is due to lightning action in the space between earth and ionosphere, which acts as a wave guide and a resonation.

People felt comfortable under these conditions, as the vibration frequency of their energy field had the same parameters-7,6-7,8 Hz.

However, Schumann's frequency recently started to rise rapidly. Watch its dynamics presented on a Russian site:
January 1995-7,80 Hz,
January 2000-9,30 Hz,
January 2007-9,80 Hz,
January 2012-11,10 Hz,
January 2013-13,74 Hz,
January 2014 Hz
February 2014 Hz;
March 2014 Hz;
April 2014-15,15 Hz

If we consider the situation presented scientifically, it becomes clear that a person who does not increase their vibes will soon leave the earth one way or another and neither the high positions nor money will help them...

So we don't have to be afraid!
You can raise vibes by working with yourself and stimulating conscious behaviors..And don't forget that any negative emotion closes access to clear consciousness.

(text taken from Adrian Elisei, with adapted translation)