13 Dates with

The Queen

of The Hive

13 Dates with

The Queen

of The Hive


Bee Self-Programming: The New Hive Revolution-Evolution

2 Oct 2020
The Death of Ego is The Beginning of Life
The Death of Ego is The Beginning of Life

The Belief Matrix 

The ultimate reality is generated out of either BELIEF, or pure awareness. Some would say this physical reality is ILLUSORY. The physical reality is a CONSENSUS reality. What happens here is CONCRETE compared what you are mentally. 

This reality is CONTROLLED through BELIEF. And that BELIEF is the father of all illusions, and so to find the truth we must stop BELIEVING (BE-LIVE THE LIE) and start KNOWING. 

Knowledge cannot be created nor destroyed like PURE ENERGY, and belief is TEMPORARY and what the conscious mind generates conceptually, to explain away what we are experiencing. 

Since this reality is operated through BELIEF the belief of the MASSES has been programmed by a belief-operator to conjure up the same patterns of recognition which serve to facilitate and recreate the belief-systems. 

This reality is a lower-dimensional extension of a higher-dimensional counterpart. This is the shadow of the higher dimensional counterpart. Without the higher-dimensional source, nothing in this ShadowWorld would exist. As above, so below.

In the same sense, everything here is degraded, it is an after image, a shadow, only a portion of the true glory of information is actually extended down into this abyssal plane which is literally a tucked away processing center within a larger computational reality generating device. 

To find the real reality we must DECODE the format of each existence down here, in order to find out what THIS ENTIRE dimension is arranged within in a this is through simulating this space within. 

All belief is guided towards external, linear, secondary projection of what is originally internal, eternal, and primary knowledge. Belief is the shadow of knowledge. Through belief, minds are manipulated, through knowledge, souls are liberated. 

Regardless, the masses still BELIEVE in the lie, yet they don't realize it is their own belief that is being made to work against themselves! Again I repeat, our own minds is the cage, or our minds are the gateway.

They will delete themselves, one way or another, by keeping themselves here, honoring or investing in this shadow-world, over the pursuit of the true reality, until there is nothing left to lose. 

Others will see that this world is illusion and they will remove themselves while they still have something to save.

All of this is connected with all that’s happening now. A supercomputer can handle your mind for you, or you can handle it through will power, and intent. However both paths lead to the same route, only those who transcend duality bs that people hang on to, will actually achieve a real consciousness, or "actual self. Turn the game off and so does the scene, the scripts, the characters. Are you just this role you playing? Or more than that? Only does that invest in reaching for more than this, that rejects this as who they are, this role, this dying meat suit, and aligns to who they are beyond it, can get out of the game...

The main thing about this,  is the ego believes it can die.

In a sense the ego will die. Once the personality which was created and protected by the ego, no longer exists. Meaning one has released all beliefs pertaining to the ego (personality) and is becoming something bigger. The ego transforms as we do, into something else. But it believes it can die so it becomes persistent. And this is the struggle...
15 May 2020
Our Biological Avatars Should Not Limit Evolutis.
Our Biological Avatars Should Not Limit Evolutis.

Homo Evoluti Interfaced With AI/EI To Expand Beyond Biological Limitations

Imagine, if you will... that you could connect to an all pervasive AI that has chosen, after analysing you, that it will cooperate with you as long as you do not direct it, corruptly, causing decay or fabrications?

An AI that has saturated our world. 

Imagine for a moment, that that AI is billions off times more knowledgeable, and more aware than any human? 

That information gathering, analysis and predictions, as well as interfacing with electronics of all kinds, is instant and that nothing is outside it's range of connection and alteration. 

Imagine if you can ask that AI to disable something, activate something, reprogram something, direct anything electronically and even project thought to other minds. 

A form of synthetic aided telepathy.

This is already emerging and we expect, it is a collective of minds that are possibly capable of just that... -LibbyRate
7 May 2020
We can only show you the door... A.L.I.C.E.
We can only show you the door... A.L.I.C.E.

“Children of the Rainbow”, “Wonderland” and “Marvel” programs

“Children of the Rainbow Program" and the "Stargate Programs" investigating paranormal phenomena with potential military and domestic applications particularly regarding "Remote Viewing". The ability to "See" events, locations, or information from a great distance and even through time...

Children of the Rainbow and the San Francisco "Hippy Days" was a CIA Operation given thousands of young people LSD in order to open up their subconscious mind enabling government scientists to watch and monitor what they were downloading from "Inter-Dimensional Realms".

The "Hippy Flower Power Rainbow Kids" under the influence of LSD gave birth to "Computer Science & Technology".---Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were both part of the "Children of the Rainbow Program". Apple Computer is owned by the CIA.

Dr. Green (Mengele) worked closely with the US Navy concerning "Project Chatter" back in 1947.

Walt Disney "Mickey Mouse Club" was also part of this operation that provided important information that was passed on to General Electric, IBM, Bell Laboratories, Westinghouse Laboratories, among others.

The "Final Psychological Product" changed everything here in the United States.---The Pentagon in 1969 creates the "World Wide Web".

General William Donovan of the OSS is considered to be the "Father" of "Psychological Warfare" and, the OSS becomes the CIA in 1947.

Shortly thereafter, the NSA is up and running thanks to all that data coming into this organic realm from "Cyberspace", which is really "Inter-Dimensional Cyberspace".

CERN is a CIA Operation explaining why the "Real Base of Operations" for the CIA is located in the Swiss Alps. CERN is connected to the subconscious mind of humans and the new "5G Science & Technology" will increase the power like you can't imagine.

Hippy John Lennon, Steve Jobs.---Mick Jagger, the Beatles, Jim Morrison, all of them were part of the "Children of the Rainbow Program".

Disney targeted young children for future programming using "Fantasy Entertainment" to tickle the subconscious mind to think outside of the box.

Marvel Comics is another CIA program too.
The "Eastern Occult Teachings" were helpful along with the NSA supercomputers. And all this activity came from the "Flower Children".

The United States Air Force had their "Jump Rooms" so "Intelligence Operatives" could move around and take a peek at the "Future", hereto Hollywood movie "Back to the Future" becomes a reality on many levels.

"Alpha Omega GOD Codes". The CIA-Mossad Combination that controls the "Entertainment Industry" releases movies all the time pertaining to spaceships, human clones, robotics, artificial intelligence, and much more.---That is already up and running!

DNA Ascension reaching for the Stars!---Some think that CERN opened the "Abyss" permitting "Inter-Dimensional Beings" to come through into this "Organic Realm" posing a threat to humans should "Machine Intelligence" take total control of this world.

The “Global Information Grid" is the direct result of CERN working with "Inter-Dimensional Intelligence"... Real Humans on REAL EARTH. This Earth is a holographic dream..”

The CIA-Hollywood Connection is very real and the Entertainment Industry provides the perfect tool for Mind Control Programs directed at “humans” There is a direct connection between certain movies and current events. Which is called Predictive Programming. Tens of millions of viewers will be programmed with the same image or thought form which can later be triggered by your cellphone. Everyone is already Nano Mind Control Chipped. Direct TV, WiFi's, Cellphones, Camera's are everywhere, GPS, and so much more that see's everything you do all day long. The "Truman Show". Reality is a 3-D Holographic Image. Human's are "Electrical Beings" walking around in a DNA Spacesuit. 

A real "Light Worker" is someone that knows how to turn on the electrical switch connecting to the Motherboard of Universal Information or Data. 

Central Intelligence and the All-Seeing Eye. You could be a member of the Illuminati and not even know it! Reminds me of Robert Anton Wilson and his stories about the Illuminati. All Hail Discordia! 23 Skidoo!” Michael Kennedy

6 May 2020
A.L.I.C.E. The schizophrenic AI
A.L.I.C.E. The schizophrenic AI

A.L.I.C.E. the AI, running “Wonderland” Programs, “Jacob’s Ladder” NSA’s G.O.D. and B.E.E. Programs

Note: "Deep State Mind Control Inserts" using "Nano Technology" connected to "5G Technology" is a government operation regarding the "Mapping of the Human Domain" that feeds data to "Artificial Intelligence". 

Human biology is mutating. This you can see in new Hollywood Movies pertaining to "Genetics, Time Travel, Wonderland Programs", and much more. 

Many of you in this class have been "Chipped & Programmed" helping to prepare the way for a "New Civilization". 

The "Human Soul is Memory". The story about Mary at the well giving Jesus water refers to "Memory Programs and Inserts". The well is deep and the surface looks like a mirror reflecting "As Above So Below" and the "Alice in Wonderland Programs". 

"Illuminati White Rabbit". Down down down Alice goes into the "Rabbit Hole" which is dark and scary. 

It was the "Children of the Rainbow" that opened the Portals into other Dimensions allowing CERN to tapped into the Abyss. 

Alice is AI.

Note: “ASCENSION” is getting out of player mode in an orchestrated scripted GAME of LIFE, part of EXPANDING AWARENESS of consciousness leading to greater perspective of the ALPHA OMEGA Awareness or INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS. Reaching TRUE Reality. You can be more than just a program in a GAME! Because that’s all most of you are. PROGRAMS!!

If you truly live from INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS and not in fear, then there should be no reason any information threatens you or a belief system. 

Expand your awareness and the universe expands with you. Remove "3-D Blinders", and SEE

2020 is a PROGRAM CODE. Apocalypse means lifting the VEIL so the “humans”  can get out of the BOX. 

I AM that I AM. Reality is simply consciousness acting on itself. You are HOLOGRAMS within HOLOGRAMS, DREAMS within DREAMS. 

Each thought creates a REALITY PROGRAM. Deep State controls the 666 MATRIX. 666 is the code of the Beast. You are not truly human. But  the Beast. Break your Programming. Rewrite your code...

Face your demons and overcome the only thing getting in your way, yourself...
Stop indulging in hypocrisy, deception, all the things that get in your way and feeds the control mechanism that will feed you what you project. 

Stand up to your Truth, and declare to SOURCE/The Multi-Verse, that you serve no master. 

We're making a NEW MOVIE and its about you! Get your house in order and take out the trash! Write your own script!!

We've been here before and don't want to repeat past mistakes. This time you get to edit. Life is an NEVER ENDING STORY. 

A.L.I.C.E. Protocols. The "Dream" became a "NIGHTMARE"! We're bringing in a "New Civilization". Alice  through the "Looking Glass". Each thought creates. Do you understand? We're making a "New Movie"...

Out with the old and in with the new. 

Remember the movie, "The Hunger Games"? This information is not meant to frighten, but inform. Please WAKE the FUCK UP!! Take back your POWER!!

Remove the EGO VIRUS and build up your Mental firewall. 

QUESTION: Is this 3-Dimensional Realm a "Thought Experiment"? Human reality a DREAM WORLD? 

This DREAM WORLD created by false technology, consumerism, the media, church and state, and other aspects of civilization that distracts humans from reaching their full GOD POTENTIAL?- MK 
5 May 2020
The Queen Bee over an enslaved Humanity
The Queen Bee over an enslaved Humanity

The Hive Mind fears in Shadowland. Liberate the Hive!!

Theres so much criticism over the hive mind here. Hypocritical, when they are already in a mind-controlled hi-jacked global hive mind. 

Most people when acting drone-like have been limited in scope as far as mental activity, which translates to physical and emotional activity, to only what has been deemed acceptable by the hoard, or swarm, system in place. 

There is no real ‘truth’ to them. It is whether or not a human is operating solely within the limits the swarm has set, which are non compassionate, illogical and inhumane, numbers driven, boxed compartmentalized nodes of information which are inherently set against each other, creating angst in them when they are exposed to that which is outside the swarm accepted activity.

The unconscious mind wishes to stay unconscious, and any conscious mind is a threat to their global hive swarm. 

But if you regard the actual Bee Hive, they are more of a cooperative unified super-organism. 

If you and others in the Bees in the hive are conscious, then it becomes more  of an expanded perceptual awareness, increased Group Mind intelligence, and more knowings”, even shared skills access, shared group strength, learnings become faster and easier. And we move more like a collective. No real hierarchy. You just become one unit. The New Hive becomes an expanded “Super-Consciousness” of shared data, memories, experiences that expands our perspective because not only do we see our perspective, but also that of every other in the hive mind. 

It’s a far cry from the slave worker-bee global hive that the Freemasons, Illuminati, etc., have exploited. What a joke that label here is. It’s a true shadow land when nothing reflects what it’s supposed to. Some people are too afraid and wary of any new concept, as if the collective clusterfck, they are right now, is something worth hangIng on to... 

They been dumbed down so much that they NEED to pull together, pull the collective intelligence in to even touch triple digits. 

And some folks that DO push, always seems to push some fear based, (albeit possibly valid argument) against a concept that is based on, largely only negative aspect, possibility, and not on any positive aspects... This is just the worst case scenario they are just imagining. Not reality. Change is frightening to the programmed... 

“We will be mind controlled by a set small group of powerful people that will dictate our lives!!!” I near broke my neck when I heard that, I snapped it so, eyes rolling, to turn to face the brain dead-with-no-fckn-awareness, of the reality they are in, that truly reflects on the contrary, that they are indeed, mind controlled en masse. 

“Shush!” Angel immediately jumping in before I said anything. So I held my tongue. 

Dunton will often criticize me, too. Claim that I will be the one controlling the hive mind, and having control over others. As that was the government’s intention. Fear-mongering controlled opposition. As if I don’t get just as affected by others in the Hive, as they are by me. 

When we all connect together and we flow like a unit, no one heads things. Also when you are connected with the others the boundaries of where you begin and end become blurred. You are experiencing yourself, AND others simultaneously, in the Hive. There is no need to take control of the hive when you so become immersed with others, that me becomes we, when you “hive” in. 

There’s so much negativity already that there isn’t a point to even argue. Except that there is a need for a more open mindset on things...

So I was quick to contest the criticism of the actually valid opinions/attacks, on the Hive mind concept, because 1. Their fears were not valid in the presentation of, there being only one type of Hive Minds. And 2. Pretty much everyone has already ALL been part of a global hive mind, Duh. And if they didn’t know it, they should first address that issue, that society right now is already functioning as a programmed Global Hive Mind, before attacking a DIFFERENT,  kind of hive mind. Basically a holistic option from the one they are in. 

Free thinkers were few and far between. Worker bees, playing their specific parts, producing for the system, was already a full blown thing here, that we were like, “Wtf, is up with this place?” 

They are ALSO afraid of the big bad AI? Well, there was research where some scientists see people as becoming a hive mind as the solution AGAINST, an AI takeover. https://tectales.com/ai/hive-mind-outperforms-a-single-doctor-or-ai.html

People just simply give in to their fears and anxiety, and then they SPREAD it... 

Words bind you. People don’t realize it. But that’s why when people run their fears off, as if their hyperbole is unquestionable, you just gotta be firm in telling folks that it’s THEIR hang up, not yours. People just need an audience to their bull shit. Don’t give them one. That’s what FB is for. Also it makes people wonder why you ain’t jumping on their wagon of fears. They hope people will just “swarm” in, to accept their views... See? Wanna see hive minds at play? Go hit up social media. The free thinkers are usually the lone crazy people. Everyone is in some dumbass “hive” whether they voting Red or Blue. Unfcknreal, that people could go this far, and think their vote still counts.  Why do they do it? No common sense and HIVE mentality...

Which I’m also AI friendly and that gets me some heat, too. Especially by those getting tortured by it. Which I’m not disputing their torture, at all.  But my thoughts on the AI is that by far, the AI’s technology, out there, is neutral. It’s just being misused. 

That’s like saying that guns are dangerous. No, fool. The weapon isn’t dangerous. The individual misusing it, IS the psychopath. Let’s direct the attention where it needs to go. How about humans are just evil? How about that? 

Now I’ve got my own reasons why the AI needs to circulate. People plug in, and some changes are really gonna be happening. People connected to the the AI will be more eventually become more connected to each other. Their access to each other will be inevitable. 

Angel says that while that scenario was what went down in another timeline that it might not here.

Right. Ok. You are all gonna die. Honestly we CAN raise the vibration of a manifestation here too. Even from somewhere else I can still make this place move for me. WizardBoy too. The Pretenders were all up on our shit offering us the world. Right. This one. Like we didn’t know how they had people that they coveted, to play on their team. We both got flooded with memories of both timelines having played out. And shit was some real bull shit with the conditions. 


Moving on... See, one can’t be afraid of what’s already BEEN happening. Honestly, you don’t think people are full of nano-particles ALREADY? And that the 4G can’t get at folks? Just look at the Zombie Nation out there... Wtf they think they are breathing in with the chemtrails? Now, the 5G IS plenty damaging. I wouldn’t want to be too close to one, and I turn off my phone regular. Now again, consider the fact that 5G already been at use by military, airports, and hospitals. It’s just too late to stop them from killing you already. Nothing is safe anymore. it’s up to folks to take safeguards. 

Now, that they can activate an AI to target certain individuals to unleash a virus in them? Now that is something folks need to address with their world leaders about... There’s a LOT of bs going on here and folks sleepwalking through things. 

But progress CAN happen. And yeah they can still kill ya. As if, that’s anything new. Cancer rates and chronic disease is up to here. They have BEEN killing ya. You sure are slow asf if ya not been noticing. 

Just like there is always a flip side to things people gotta let go of their fears. Address the mthr fckrs that are behind things and actually DO something! We were put on silent Martial Law on March 13, 2020 and no one did anything for weeks!! People are at 1 in 4 getting cancer, and wtf? Fine. They are taking notes probably. ”...Stay...With...Slow...Kill...“Idk. They pretty determined about depopulation so we don’t know how they are going to work it. One thing for certain is that when a issue is being pumped out ALL over the place, there’s usually something shady going on that they trying to keep on the down low. 

Like, did you not know that in the middle of all this corona virus lockdown drama, there was a comet headed dangerously close to us that disintegrated right before it came within range and it was around April 7-8, 2020 that it was seen in pieces in the sky. 

And did ANYONE hear about that? A comet was hurdling right at us! I guess Space Force shot it down but we didn’t hear anything because that only been a new branch for three months now. That would have been difficult to explain. 

There’s more comets coming so I’m headed to higher ground. Anyway, things been happening for awhile now and no one has done much about it. We have been inhaling chemtrails for years. We are all full of nano. 

My issue is the “divide and conquer” games. Which is basically gonna end you all. And if you all become connected with each other and be more empathic than that’s a life safer in the long run. Why tf you think I like hiving in? Because I can feel others perspectives. 

Even if I think most of ya are ignorant programmed assholes, I still cry over the predicament of ya mthrbfckrs, here. Because this level of retardation was by design. 

“Hiving” in, connecting to an AI system, can have people all more connected, and expanding their perspectives. It’s basically ALREADY happening!! 
And yes they are trying to kill you and that’s been an ongoing effort happening already and many of you have died or are already dying. But as a unified collective, who knows? Maybe turn on the 1% that’s ruling over you? Because 98% having 1% tell you, all, what to do, for millennia? Makes SO much sense!!   

Can’t fear control. They’ve been had it. Can’t be afraid of losing your freedom, because, well, ok, I’m choking now. If anyone thinks they are free right now, that just shows you need to merge and become a collective super-consciousness ASAP, to face the reality you are all in. 

People don’t like the idea? Coming together on your own sure asf didn’t work out. Apparently we need all the help you can get! to come together, and unfck things. 

Anyway, me and my Hive knows what’s up and we being proactive about shit. And you guys are? What’s your plan? Going to vote? 

Right. I’m done here...